Sep 24 2013

A Very Special Little Girl


A favorite of collectors from Annette's 2008 Sommer Kinder Collection

Over the years, Annette Himsted has created an amazing number of unforgettable dolls. In 2008, Annette closed her manufactory, ending an unparalleled 23-year creative era. In one of her final collections before retiring, Annette created what has become a modern classic and a favorite of collections. Ajescha

This edition is an incredible example of all the work and innovation that goes into a Himstedt doll. She is 36 5/8 inches tall and fully jointed at the head, upper arms, elbows and knees. She has an exclusive body and limbs, solely used for her and another 2008 Sommer Kinder,  Sini. Her long, luscious wig is made of real hair and is semi-hand knotted and meticulously styled. She features mouth-blown glass eyes, made in Germany, an exclusive Himstedt design.

Ajescha’s outfit is an exclusive Himstedt design and dyed in Annette’s exclusive Himstedt colors. To complement her outfit, Annette has chosen hand-dyed and hand-knitted cherry-red socklets and matching shoes.

When you combine these features with a head sculpt that was created by one of the all time great doll artists at her creative and sculptural peak, you get one of the most incredible vinyl dolls ever created. Ajescha was produced in a very limited edition size of 377, adding to her desirability.