About Annette Himstedt

Annette Himstedt Doll Artist 2008

Annette Himstedt Doll Artist

Annette Himstedt is a German doll artist who made incredibly beautiful vinyl and porcelain dolls from the early 1980s until 2009. She began by making children dolls based on neighborhood children and capturing their personality and charm in her facial sculpts. She was featured in many magazines and gained notoriety very quickly.

Annette called her dolls Puppen Kinder (which is German for Doll Children) and/or Kinder Auz Porcelain (which is German for Porcelain Children). Annette began her dollmaking career with porcelain dolls and added vinyl dolls to her creations some years later. She even built an entire manufacturing plant (her doll manufactory) to create her porcelain and vinyl dolls herself. Before it closed in 2008, Annette would often hold Open House days and give tours of the facilities to collectors from many countries.

Annette Himstedt also became well known for her children dolls based on different cultures from around the world. She designed and made every piece of the original dolls and oversaw the production of each of the dolls in her factory in Paderborn, Germany. Annette sculpted the faces and bodies, engineered the jointing, designed and produced the clothing, styled the wigs and painted the final pieces by hand. Her dolls were beautiful and truly amazing. No other doll maker in the world compared to her.