A Collection Of Masterpieces

Himstedt Porcelain Catalog

A wonderful collection of Annette's porcelain Artist's Proofs spanning her entire career

Beginning with her porcelain Unicef dolls and continuing though her 2005 Porcelain editions, Annette Himstedt’s porcelain dolls have been treasured by collectors worldwide. This amazing catalog is 118 pages and loaded with amazing photos that beautifully show off these breathtaking Artist’s Proofs.

This catalog features 126 of Annette’s Artist’s Proofs. These dolls were the very first from each series, handmade by Annette herself, and they truly reflect her vision as an artist. Viewing the book is like traveling through time as you see Annette develop as an artist and grow with each passing series. There dolls are true masterpieces, even the accessories are fantastic.

The book includes quotes and insight from Annette regarding the challenges and triumphs from each year. This particular quote is regarding her 1999 Collection as Toy Fair rapidly approached…“I can’t count the time we ran the huge kiln nearly empty just to be able to finish individual pieces. Once we fired it up for a handful of tiny blossoms. Anyone would have delared us insane… But I didn’t have a choice – I had to get everything finished on time.”

Sali Artist Proof 2 of 2

Sali Artist Proof 2 of 2 from 1996

Featured on the cover (seen above) is Undine, Annette’s porcelain mermaid. The book features an informative recollection from Annette on how the production of this incredible piece took place. The porcelain water spirit is 5’7 from head to tail and took 14 months to complete.

There is also a letter from Annette where she speaks of sending all of her Porcelain Artist’s Proofs to the U.S. to be offered to collectors. “When I last saw all my porcelain children and held them in my hands, it became very clear to me that they possess an unbelievable charm. I got very emotional in the process. It is my wish that you, dear collector, have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy these special dolls.”

The fabulous photography beautifully shows each doll and there are also an abundance of close-up shots that highlight the incredible detail and sculpting involved with these editions. If you are an Anette Himtedt enthusiast, or an enthusiast of fine works of art, this catalog/retrospective will surely delight you.

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