Annette Himstedt Timeline

This timeline shows a Annette Himstedt’s career in doll making. This is shown originally on The Toy Shoppe’s website:

  • 1980 Annette begins modeling in porcelain, developing the technical expertise which would later bring her great acclaim within the doll world.
  • 1984 Neighborhood children model for a collection of portrait dolls, bringing magazine publicity and notoriety almost overnight.
  • 1984 During a trip to Africa for UNICEF Annette photographs a young girl named Fatou and sculpts her. This is the catalyst for Annette to create a line of vinyl dolls. Fatou, Lisa and Bekus were her first non-porcelain dolls.
  • 1986 Annette settles on Puppen Kinder (Doll Children) and Kinder Aus Porzellan (Porcelain Children) and registers these names as her trademarks. Danny and Barrie from the Toy Shoppe meet Annette at her booth in the Nuremberg Toy Fair where she introduces her Barefoot Children to instant commercial success.
  • 1988 Annette resolves to build her own doll manufactory in Paderborn, Germany.
  • 1986-2000 Signing tours across America and Europe give Annette the chance to meet many collectors.
  • 1990 Annette and her team move into her new doll manufactory. She finally has the scope to develop new techniques and realize them. As many as 80 people will be employed there at one time.
  • 1996 Himstedt Club founded. Member benefits include Undine, a club magazine chronicling Annette’s work. Club Gift is mini version of annual Club Doll.
  • 2002 Every doll in each collection would be a limited edition from this time forward for more exclusivity.
  • 2005 The first World’s Children Summit featuring dolls of varying ethnicity, from Eastern Europe, to the Caribbean to Africa. Such variety was a refreshing change from the often stereotypical selections produced by other designers.
  • 2007 Open Days begun to allow collectors to see up close every stage of the doll making process and meet the artist.
  • 2008 Annette closes her manufactory, ending an unparalleled 23-year creative era. Demand for her past editions increases as production ends.

Thanks to The Toy Shoppe for allowing us to use their information. You can call them toll free at 1 800 447-7995 if you are interested in Annette Himstedt dolls. Danny and Barrie have had Annette’s dolls since the 1980 and the shoppe offers payment plans that are very easy and convenient (and interest free)!

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